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You can see my online resources here but below is a little about me.

I’ve served in large and small organizations, in suburban and urban contexts, over the past 26 years. Most recently, I was the Pastor of Union Church in downtown Los Angeles for the past eight years, a 101-year-old church faithfully ministering to the diversity of LA. Here is a little about my life and ministry:

I gave my life to Christ at Hume Lake Christian Camp as a sixteen year-old. I was battling a secret two-year suicidal depression that led me to desperately seek the God I knew from my church upbringing but didn’t have any kind of true allegiance to beside trying to be a religious person. God spoke to me and convinced me of His love in such a way that I can only attest as truly being miraculously healed from the debilitating depression instantaneously. God healed me mentally and spiritually and I felt like a brand new person.

I helped grow a college ministry at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles from 1988 – 1998, becoming the Director of College Ministries in 1996 and beginning my studies at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. I was the Director of Contemporary Worship at Bel Air from 1998 – 2002 and am proud to say that Nancy Reagan once wrote a letter complaining about me (true story). I participated in mission trips to Thailand, Mexico City, Armenia and South Africa while at Bel Air. I left for St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in 2002 to lead worship and start college and young adult ministries, finishing my MDiv at Fuller Seminary in 2004. I became the Missions Pastor in 2008, a position I held until April of 2011 when I left for Union Church in downtown Los Angeles. While at St. Andrew’s I helped lead mission trips to Tecate, Malawi, Egypt and Mexico City while also supporting local missions. I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller Seminary and have had training in Missional Leadership and Spiritual Formation for Preachers with the President of Fuller Seminary, Dr. Mark Labberton, through the seminary’s Micah Group initiative. I also recently helped to launch some of the first classes with the new Fuller Leadership Platform. I am a regular contributor to the Max De Pree Center’s Life for Leaders Daily Devotional that reaches several thousand leaders daily. More information about me can be found on my Linkedin page.

Personal and family

My wife, Kati, and I were married in 2000 and have young two daughters. Kati is an ENFP interior designer and educator who graduated from USC while I am an ESTJ math major who graduated from UCLA.

My interests
I play and write music, love trying new foods and will never turn down a game of Settlers of Catan. Laughing with friends is my favorite past time especially when combined with good food and Catan. Hanging out with my wife and kids provides daily life-giving moments. I continue to work on completing my Doctoral studies at Fuller Seminary. I’m trying to get back in shape and my fitness-champion sister does her best to motivate her sometimes lazy younger brother. (www.tiffanyyeefitness.com)


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks so much for referencing Shiloh and I as one of you favorite activities – Catan and good food. Cuz that’s how we always roll together, right?
    And bring on the Nancy Reagan story!!! How have I not heard this? Please do a blog post about it.

  2. I am so EXCITED for you, Kati and Avery! I am a very proud sister to have such an amazing brother and leader who brings so many to Christ. I am planning to be back in L.A weekend of June 11th and looking forward to hear your sermon and meeting your members at your church.

    I know God put you there for a reason and it will be exciting to see the church grow. My church in Denver had only 200 members 18 months ago, and now it has 3 Sunday services, Wed. service and is now over 2,000 and growing every day!!!!!

    While my expertise helps you feed your body with healthy food and exercise, you help me stay “spriitualy fit” every day! I love you…..

    Your favorite sis, Tiffany

  3. Thanks Tif! We’re praying that God slowly grows our community to reflect His goodness in downtown L.A. We hope you’ll visit soon.

  4. Glad to know a little bit more about your background. ‘Appreciate your friendship and am excited about what the Lord has in store for you and Kati with that faith step you took pastoring in downtown LA.

  5. Hi Tim! Just want you to know we haven’t forgotten you. I have just been reading the past posts on your website. Keep on keeping on! God will surely use your contagious good cheer to draw many to himself! I love the way you see Him working in so many diverse individuals.

  6. Thank you so much for the uplifting sermon today, Good Friday 2013. I also attended last year, after seeing the banner outside Union Church. This year I started looking for the banner for Good Friday at Union Church back in January. Thank you for hosting Good Friday worship again this year. The Union Church community is a blessing to downtown. Thank you again!

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