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Fridays are for Fun: Avery Planking 3.0

One more planking moment from my two-year-old. I’m still thinking about how to get shots of her planking throughout downtown L.A. This is just at our house:

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Fridays are for Fun: Avery Planking 2.0

I’ve neglected adding a more personal touch to so here is an un-coerced photo of my two-year-old “planking” on our magazine console. She just decided to do it and I caught it on camera this time. Perhaps photos of … Continue reading

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A word of gratitude is coming but I’d like to share a short preamble first. I’ve been MIA for the past six weeks at as I had some mysterious 404 error when I tried to bring up my blog. … Continue reading

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Something to Smile About

Avery drew her first picture of her “Papa” all by herself with just a little encouragement from yours truly (that’s a belly button on my body in case you were wondering if she was drawing a mole of some kind). … Continue reading

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A Bad Start to 2012?

I know you’re supposed to begin the new year with these great expectations of becoming a fitter person with a bigger bank account all while achieving spiritual growth and a gaining inner peace. After the past week I think I’ll … Continue reading

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Seal Beach Murderer Arrested in Front of our House

So we just moved to Seal Beach (30 miles south of downton L.A.) while we look for a permanent home closer to the church. It is normally a very sleepy little town but tragedy struck today as several were killed … Continue reading

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Fridays are for Fun: Planking 4.0

Avery has already begun planking in our new temporary abode! We’re looking forward to getting a permanent home in LA soon but we are so grateful for friends who are allowing us to stay for awhile while we look for … Continue reading

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Fridays are for sermon prep…and for fun

Fridays have been my sermon preparation day since I started my new call as a missionary to downtown L.A. So far, so good, as no one has booed me out of the pulpit yet (not that I literally use a … Continue reading

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A Tearful Goodbye

Kati and I said farewell to our St. Andrew’s family of 9 years last Sunday March 20th as we prepare to join the Union Church of Los Angeles in downtown’s Little Tokyo. I was honored to not only give my … Continue reading

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