Update: 7000 patients to be served and 150 affordable units at 7th and Wall!

I’ve been helping my friends at Los Angeles Christian Health get the word out that our project is about to be finished in December 2019! That means 7000 patients in Skid Row will be served annually (about double our current capacity of patient visits) with 55 permanent supportive housing units on site and another 100 units being built across the street run by Skid Row Housing Trust.

Framing from a few weeks ago.

I saw firsthand the progress for our 18 medical exam rooms, 8 dental chairs, 9 mental health rooms, full optical services, 13 social worker offices, the chapel and an amazing welcome area. It’s going to be transformational physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Amazing Christian doctors, social workers, dentists, optometrists and social workers are going to be serving the most needy every day.

You can still help out the project by going to www.lachc.com or contact me to help set up a tour. Emailing resmith@lachc.com will get you directly to the staff at LACHC with opportunities to support this incredible ministry serving men, women and children.

“Lead me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” — Pastor Tim Yee

My latest devotions from Life for Leaders. May God help our churches, our country, our leaders and our families navigate these dangerous and complex times. We know Jesus will return to make everything right and make all the “sad things become untrue,” (Tolkien) but until then we get to reveal a glimpse of God’s goodness in our everyday lives. May God use us to be peacemakers in this chaotic world.