Henri Nouwen on being the Beloved of God

Henri Nouwen preached some incredible sermons at the former Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California back in the 1990’s. He shares some incredible insights on what makes us human, the meaning of life, and the ministry of Jesus.

Nouwen entices us to consider that we are more loved than we could ever imagine and that the Father is waiting for us to relax into his welcoming arms of love. When we embrace our identity as the Beloved of God, then we find our true selves and can authentically be the person we are meant to be. He warns us against valuing ourselves based on what we do, what we have or what people say about us.

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How the rich and powerful display their wealth at death

Bloomberg reported recently, “For many of the rich and powerful, funerals are becoming the final opportunity to flaunt immense wealth, competing with weddings and birthdays as a rite of passage worthy of a small fortune. They’re choosing to be laid to rest in $60,000 gold-plated coffins and ferried by horse-drawn funeral carriages or Rolls-Royce hearses. Some are even flying friends and relatives to exotic locales for destination funerals…“It’s become one last display of power and wealth.” Businessmen and billionaires are often aggressively competitive in life “and that doesn’t end when they think they’re going to die,”…Some are being serenaded by gospel choirs in great halls, amid a sea of their favorite flowers flown in by private jet. Others are flying loved ones abroad to watch as their body is pushed out to sea like Viking warriors and the boat set ablaze…Custom-made Rolls-Royce Phantom VII hearses and a fleet of 25 matching Rolls-Royce sedans owned by the U.K.-based A.W. Lymn funeral home are sought-after internationally…They “want to make a statement: Ride it in life, ride it in death.”…A crypt beneath New York’s Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral is available…It’s one of the last full-body burial spots in Manhattan and can hold nine caskets and 10 cremated remains…Three prominent families have already expressed interest… you can spend eternity in a gold-plated casket in the catacombs below a 200-year-old church could just be the zenith of a life well lived… for just $7 million.”  

You don’t have to be super-rich to have your treasures in the wrong place. You can have $20 in the bank and still have your focus on the wrong treasures.

In Matthew 6:20 Jesus says, “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” (NIV)

Jesus actually wants us to be wealthy—not on earth, but in heaven! His prayer for us is that the Father’s kingdom would come and will be done on earth as it is in heaven. To have a heavenly mindset regarding our possessions does not make us impractical or disconnected from reality but actually very connected to our life right now. Focusing on heavenly riches empowers us to trust God with our resources while on earth: feeding hungry people, running our businesses with integrity, caring for the environment as an act of worship and leading people to our Savior. Jesus wants us to have heavenly riches of people saved, people loved, people redeemed. So we hold onto our possessions lightly realizing that we can’t take it with us and instead invest them now smartly so that we will reap rewards that will never fade or waste away.