Free Dinner and Tim Keller!

TogetherLAdinnerNext week will be a historic gathering of many of the Christian leaders and churches that are in Los Angeles. Pastor Tim Keller will be coming and I’m looking forward to all the women and men from various denominations, ethnic groups and theological affinities to join together to seek understanding as to how to join God in blessing our city. I’m hosting a dinner prior to the Tim Keller talk with a panel discussion on “Revival in the City: Azusa Street Then and Now.” I hope you’ll RSVP below.

Tim Keller had a large role in Kati and I leaving our previous ministry (which we really loved) and coming to LA. Back in the fall of 2010, Tim Keller had a rather intimate meet-and-greet in LA where he simply shared about the need for pastors and leaders to commit to the 11th most populous global metro area and one of the most influential cities in the world–Los Angeles. After he spoke there was a Q&A time and I had the chance to ask the last question regarding Keller’s point that church renewal always happens in the city center first. My question was, “In LA, where is the center of the city?” But just as I was about to ask Keller this important question, his handlers swept him away! (actually his assistant simply didn’t want him to be overwhelmed with another question so they ended the Q&A time and left me hanging).

But after the crowd started to disperse, Keller came to me and Kati personally and said, “I’m so sorry about that! I hate that you didn’t get to ask your question. What was it?” And for the next 20 minutes I got to talk with Tim Keller about the importance of church planting and church renewal happening throughout the entire city of LA and in churches and ministries of all shapes and sizes. Keller said, “LA has not one center but probably dozens. You need to do church-planting and church renewal in every neighborhood in LA.” We talked about a lot more stuff and he was so gracious to give us 20 minutes of his time back in 2010. Kati and I never forgot that conversation and it was a pivotal moment for us to begin praying about an opportunity to come to LA to do participate in church renewal and church planting in downtown.

So I’m hoping you’ll come and hear Tim Keller live on Saturday February 28th at 7PM after the dinner or join me for the whole conference (Feb.26-28). You won’t regret it and maybe the Spirit will convict you as well about joining God in blessing the city!

You can RSVP here for the 5:30PM dinner and Azusa Street discussion (free):

Register here for the Saturday night Tim Keller speaking event after dinner discussion (free) event:

And here for the conference and workshops with Tim Keller Thursday – Saturday (use TLA30 for a discount):



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