A Great Birthday Gift: The Story of the Bridge

Today I turn 42 and I’m sitting in LAX on my birthday waiting for a flight to Pittsburgh. The Bridge in downtown Los Angeles is being recognized at our annual national convention for its innovative partnerships as it seeks to be a blessing to the city in numerous ways.

I appreciate all the birthday love on Facebook especially since I’ll spend it travelling, SO my birthday request is that you’d watch and share the video so others will know our story and perhaps support us with prayer, a personal visit or sharing resources to reach the city.

It is truly a blessing to know that God is working in our little church in the second largest metro area in the nation as we seek to Love God and Bless the City. What a birthday gift!

Thanks for supporting me and my family on this adventure.


4 thoughts on “A Great Birthday Gift: The Story of the Bridge

    • Stacy, it’s so good to hear from you and to be encouraged by you. We’d love to host your church if you ever are sending people up to serve in our area. Let us know!

  1. Thought I would visit your blog in prep for our visit next week. Congrats and enjoy your trip, Pastor Tim. See you next week.

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