Skid Row Mapping

I asked Curtis White, who interned for us at our downtown church this past year, to make a short list of resources in the Skid Row area that we could support and get involved in. So he created a Google map highlighting Skid Row. The map is a work in progress but shows the many opportunities we have to help adults and children who find themselves homeless just outside our doors at the Bridge at Union Church in downtown Los Angeles.

Though we primarily partner with great organizations like like Union Rescue Mission (led by Andy Bales) and the Los Angeles Mission (led by Herb Smith), there are myriad of resources downtown including a friend of mine who is starting a not-for-profit beautifying the streets of Skid Row through tree planting and community advocacy.

Check out our map here.

4 thoughts on “Skid Row Mapping

  1. Haven’t seen the map, so I am thinking that it must not be for the ” GENERAL PUBLIC OR SKID ROW RESIDENTS”! Nevertheless, OPERATION FACE LIFT/ SKID ROW has not received any ” material support ” from the church ( no trash cans, brooms or contributions to the men and women that clean-up the block). While you may ” partnership with the various missions, your church or members should be ” well aware ” of the enormous amount of trash that built up ” IN FRONT ” of these service providers for decades. We trust in the future that your partnerships will be of a qualitative nature and not merely ” smoking mirrors”!

    • I think the map is available for all to see so I’m not sure why you can’t see it. We haven’t provided material support to most of the organizations that are doing good work in Skid Row but many of our people have invested time over the last year building relationships with various people in the area. I guess you haven’t met any of our people yet but hope to make a connection in the near future.

  2. OG this is David. We met a few times. I attend the cleanups occasionally. I attend the Bridge at Union Church. I’ve contributed brooms and added some trash cans last week. I look forward to seeing you another Saturday!

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