Skid Row Mapping

I asked Curtis White, who interned for us at our downtown church this past year, to make a short list of resources in the Skid Row area that we could support and get involved in. So he created a Google map highlighting Skid Row. The map is a work in progress but shows the many opportunities we have to help adults and children who find themselves homeless just outside our doors at the Bridge at Union Church in downtown Los Angeles.

Though we primarily partner with great organizations like like Union Rescue Mission (led by Andy Bales) and the Los Angeles Mission (led by Herb Smith), there are myriad of resources downtown including a friend of mine who is starting a not-for-profit beautifying the streets of Skid Row through tree planting and community advocacy.

Check out our map here.


A word of gratitude is coming but I’d like to share a short preamble first.

I’ve been MIA for the past six weeks at as I had some mysterious 404 error when I tried to bring up my blog. After several attempts to fix this (not really), in the midst of the busyness of Easter in April and house-hunting in May, I simply took it as a “sign” to take a short sabbatical from blogging. The 404 error disappeared last week so now I have no more excuses!

I racked my brain about what has gone on the past several weeks to determine what to write about. So much has been happening that I couldn’t decide. There have been many highs and lows recently that would be worthy blog fodder. So I’m keeping it simple.

Having been at the Bridge in downtown. L.A. for just over one year, I am simply grateful for the blessings we have received in this short time. Perhaps you can think of what you’re grateful for as I mention a few things. I’m just trying to apply Colossians 3:15 for the next few minutes.

I’m grateful for partners like Bel Air Presbyterian Church, the main church partner that is supporting the Bridge at Union Church.. Today I’m spending the day with their pastoral staff and have been blown away by their generosity in supporting us. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, my previous church, sent three key leaders to encourage me and pray about possibilities of partnership in the near future. Fred Harrell, City Church of San Francisco, visited L.A. and got me excited about ways we can resource one another. The list can go one of the many exciting opportunities to partner with fantastics organizations that are seeking to bless the city like Purpose Built Communities, Apartment Life, I Am Second, Los Angeles Mission, Union Rescue Mission and Trees on San Pedro.

I’m so grateful for the hundreds of visitors who have come through our church doors this past year. I do not take them for granted. Each one is a special person whom God has created that God has placed in the city to do something special. The fact that about 100 of them have stuck around this past year is an incredible blessing as we continue to build a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and multi-socioeconomic church that seeks to Love God and Bless the City.

Of course, I’m grateful for my family and friends. Kati has blessed our church with hundreds of hours of her ministry gifts. Avery looks forward to coming to church and seeing all of friends. Yes, we have had many ups and downs, but we can truly say we have seen God’s faithfulness and experienced his blessings through the challenging journey this past year.

I’ll stop there. What are you grateful for? Where have you seen God the past 12 months? Where do you long to see God more clearly in your life?