Planning a visit to Caine’s Arcade

If you haven’t seen thisĀ viral video yet then you need to. The LA Times did a nice story on this young man who created his own arcade out of cardboard boxes and used auto parts. I found out that he’s 1.5 miles from my church, in the adjacent neighborhood of Boyle Heights. Caine is my neighbor.

This Saturday April 14, rain or shine, I will be travelling to Caine’s Arcade and see if I can met the now infamous young man who now has over $100,000 in a scholarship fund for his college education. Having a science background myself, I am secretly hoping he becomes an engineer and be a geek like me.

I look forward to meeting Caine tomorrow and enjoying his arcade and will post again afterward.

It’s raining in LA but a little sunshine is bursting forth from Boyle Heights at Caine’s Arcade!


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