Did you know that 133,000 people moved to a city today?

Well, not exactly. Pastor Tim Keller, speaking at a conference in Cape Town in 2010, stated that about 8 million people are moving to cities around the world every two months. I averaged that out to about 133,000 per day. That’s like three new downtown L.A.’s springing up EVERY DAY. Keller’s point is that since people are moving to cities (for various reasons that are good, bad and in-between) that Christians should consider prioritizing cities since that is where the world’s population is going. Churches and Christians are needed everywhere but he is making the case that Christians should be present wherever people are. Thus his emphasis on cities.

I spoke at Bel Air Presbyterian Church this month and shared about a Church For the City and what I’m doing in downtown L.A. God brought our family here because of the strategic nature of the city and the need for Christians to have a presence in cities like L.A. and especially in the growing and diverse city-centers. If you know people who have a heart to help churches have a presence in city-centers like downtown L.A., share with them this message and help me connect with them.

Come visit us at the Bridge a Union Church when you’re in town.


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