Christmas Worship in Downtown L.A.

This Sunday morning I will be at Union Church leading our Bridge Service on Christmas Day, the culmination of our Advent season. It will be a special day not only because it’s Christmas morning and my parents, sister and in-laws will be in attendance, but also our friends from the Anne Douglas Center at the L.A. Mission will be worshiping with us. What an honor it is to lead a church that is multi-ethnic, multi-generational and multi-socioeconomic right in the heart of L.A. It truly reflects the diversity of downtown L.A. and the kingdom of God where one day all the nations will gather at the Second Advent of Christ.

If you’re in town, consider joining our diverse family to celebrate the birth of the True King of the world and worship Jesus, God wrapped-in-our-skin, who came 2000 years ago on Christmas.