Downtown Professionals Luncheon #2

A couple months ago I hosted the first Downtown Professionals Luncheon at Union Church for those who live, love or work in downtown L.A. I didn’t know I would have several drive long distances joining the 70 in attendance who had backgrounds in business, law, education, art, social work, entrepreneurship and not-for-profit organizations that service downtown and the greater L.A. area. No matter if people drove a long distance or walked from their offices, all had an enriching time learning about the 7-11 Principle and how God has specifically called them to seek the blessing of the city.

Some Christians think that the only way to stay true to their faith is to remove themselves from the city and culture that God has placed them in. Other Christians assume that if they want to engage the city then they will have to give into the larger cultural values that might be antithetical to the gospel. But Jeremiah 29 says that God wants us to engage the city but stay true to Him. As Tim Keller says, “Your work matters to God.  God matters to your work.”

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, we will have a second luncheon to continue a discussion of how God wants to integrate your faith and work. Please RSVP and join dozens of other Christians who are seeking to Love God and Bless the City right where God has placed them.