Seal Beach Murderer Arrested in Front of our House

man arrested for Seal Beach murders

So we just moved to Seal Beach (30 miles south of downton L.A.) while we look for a permanent home closer to the church. It is normally a very sleepy little town but tragedy struck today as several were killed in an apparent rampage over a child custody dispute. The man was arrested in front of our house. Kati and Avery were locked inside the house while the police surrounded the suspect in his white truck and arrested him. She saw the police cars race down the street and reverse to trap in the suspect–about 30 yards from our front door!

Apparently he was in full body armor and had several weapons which, to me, means he was ready for a shoot-out. I feel terrible for all those affected yet grateful it didn’t turn out worse where my two dearest ones were just yards away. Crazy stuff.

My friend is a pastor down the street and I believe his church will be opening themselves up to provide support for those hurting in the community.

We live in a broken world that needs the hope of Christ.

Whatever city God has called you to may you be bring His comfort and hope.

Kati and I are praying for our hurting neighborhood that is still in shock.

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  1. Brother Tim- my prayers and thanks to the Lord for your safety, and for His peace on the victims and families in Seal Beach.

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