Three amazing answers to prayer this past week

We’ve been going through a series on the Generous Life: Grace, Gratitude and Joy and learning how all three words are connected linguistically in the Bible as well as spiritually. When we recognize God’s grace in our lives, it gives us a deep feeling of gratitude that naturally leads to joy. A joyless life means there is no recognition of God’s grace and thus no recognitions of gratitude towards God’s good an unearned gifts.

Well, I didn’t want too much time to pass to fail to mention three specific prayers that God answered this past week in the life of our people at the Bridge at Union Church in downtown L.A.

#1 A woman heard her sister had a progressive cancer giving her only a week to live so she fasted and prayed last Sunday and found out a few days later that the doctors are shocked that they can’t find any traces of cancer anymore!

#2 Five Japanese students visiting L.A. connected with our church and last Sunday invited Christ to lead their lives!

#3 Last week a young man who just started attending our church asked to meet with me and decided to invite Jesus to lead his life!

Amidst a challenging week for me for several reasons, I can have a godly joy because of gratitude toward God for His grace moving in peoples’ lives mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

Before I go to bed I often do the ancient Christian practice of Examen: reflecting on the highs and lows of the past 24 hours and where God is in those moments.

I have three huge highs to reflect on and be grateful for. It reminds me that God is there amidst the lows as well and that He continues to be the good God that He has always been and will always be.

What are you highs and lows of the last 24 hours? Where is God revealing His presence in your life?


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