Fridays are for Fun: Avery Planking 2.0

I’ve neglected adding a more personal touch to so here is an un-coerced photo of my two-year-old “planking” on our magazine console. She just decided to do it and I caught it on camera this time. Perhaps photos of Avery planking throughout L.A. might make for a good website.


Below is Avery planking 1.0

2 thoughts on “Fridays are for Fun: Avery Planking 2.0

  1. Enjoyed reading the lapastor today. Enjoyed my two visits to Union church in LA and hearing about your ministry there. My first cousin, Will Doulos is a pastor at Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel. He served All Saints Episcopal in Pasadena and headed Union Station ministry there a number of years ago Will originally started 5 sober living houses with funds donated by Pasadena partners. He took 4 of these houses with him to Church of our Saviour and manages them for the church. I believe there are 52 individuals in these homes. If you ever get near 535 West Roses Rd. in San Gabriel, stop and chat with Will. You both have similar ministries. He also went to Fuller Seminary.
    Blessings to you and Katie and your two beautiful daughters as you consider your next ministry. They will miss you at Union church. P.S. I enjoyed hearing from you at the Wednesday breakfast.

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