Fridays are for sermon prep…and for fun

Fridays have been my sermon preparation day since I started my new call as a missionary to downtown L.A. So far, so good, as no one has booed me out of the pulpit yet (not that I literally use a pulpit since I usually sit on a stool). People at least humor me by laughing at the jokes I make and most return the following week. So writing sermons on Fridays–and usually more time on Saturdays–seems to be working so far.

But I remembered today that when I first started I added a category called “Personal” so that I would post photos of our family for those who wanted could keep up with us, especially our 23-month-old Avery. So before I dig into my sermon for this weekend here are some recent photos of our little one who has become fascinated with shoes, sunglasses and hats. This could be a problem…enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Fridays are for sermon prep…and for fun

  1. She is BEAUTIFUL…brimming with personality…and promising to require a substantial wardrobe budget!! Speaking as a father of three girls…worth every penny!

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