Vision for downtown LA and cities

Los Angeles is one of the great global cities in the world. It will be one of only nineteen cities that will reach twenty million in population in the 21st century ( Whereas in the year 1800 only 3% of the world’s population lived in cities, by 2005 over 50% did and by 2050 over 67% will live in cities. Cities influence the arts, politics, the economy and media in such a way that as the city goes so goes the culture. But historically the church in the West has abandoned the city for the suburbs leaving shells of formerly great cathedrals and buildings being torn down or renovated for other uses. There is a need for churches to be planted in city-center environments like downtown L.A. and for church renewal to be encouraged as well. Union Church is one of a handful of churches seeking to bring renewal to the great city of Los Angeles by focusing on the burgeoning downtown L.A. renaissance of the past decade. Over 15,000 new residents have moved downtown between 2000 and 2010 creating a timely opportunity and great need for more churches to be reaching out to its new neighbors. Cities attract the rich and poor, the white-collar professional and the artist, a variety of ethnic groups and people from all walks of life. The gospel is needed in this vital city-center downtown which is a significant part of the Greater Los Angeles Metro area, one of the great global cities of the world.


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  1. Tim: First off, many thanks for your personal counseling and assistance in directing my spiritual development. You played an important role in our feeling welcomed at St. Andrews. Pat and I wish you much success with your new calling at Union Church. We’ll give you a holler, whenever we are in the Little Tokyo area. Steve

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